Thought this Story was a “HOOT!”

I saw this story on Navy Times website today and thought I would share! This little owl fondly nicknamed “FOD” was rescued by sailors aboard the Harry S. Truman! FOD is an acronym for Foreign Object Damage. On carriers there are routine “FOD” inspections where the entire deck is walked over to make sure the deck is clear of FOD which could be a major problem if sucked into a Jet Engine.  I hope little “FOD”  does well! Thanks to the guys who saved his cute little life! 

3 Responses

  1. Ok, that is too cute! I’m glad that he is safe!!!

  2. He almost looks like a stuffed animal Owl.

    I had to order a “fake” owl like one of those talking fish. Its in my garage and keeping the birds and anything else away. Something tried to build a nest in the husbands motorcycle helmet.

    Now my neighbor has a bird who built a nest in her husband work boot that was in their garage.

  3. Wendy- LOL! That is too funny about the helmet and the boot! That wouldn’t be a dead give away that the hubby was away LOL! I just love little critters and I love putting out feeders for the little hummingbirds and such but I don’t like them in my house either! I don’t blame you! LOL! Was that the owl we were talking about a couple of shows back? Too funny!

    Marie-I know me too! He is such a cute little guy! Looks like a young one!

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