today is good friday

For me, its a day to reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made for me. My life would not be what is today if were it not for what happened on Good Friday. Jesus thank you for Your sacrifice for me.

On Thursday Jesus had his last meal… prayed in the garden… was arrested… was tried and convicted. Then on Friday at around 9:00 AM he was nailed to the cross. And he hung there… naked… for a total of six hours.

…..The last thing Jesus said on the cross was, “It is finished” (John 19:30) That meant… The sufferings ordained by God were over. The Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled. The ceremonial law was abolished. The price for sin was paid in full. His physical suffering was over. The plan of redemption was completed!

The only things left to take place on Friday was for him to be taken off the cross… his body cleaned… placed in a borrowed tomb… a large stone placed in front of it… and Roman guards posted to keep his body from being stolen.

Friday was over. Jesus was dead. (from Ron’s Reflections – A Pastor’s Blog)

But the story isn’t over…..Sunday’s Coming.


4 Responses

  1. Thank you for such a great post. The kids and I have been talking about this before prayers at night. My oldest feels very passionate about the story. MY 5 year old asked if Jesus knew the Easter Bunny. ~sigh~

  2. That was beautiful Marie! Thanks for sharing your faith with us! I too am thankful for what Jesus did for us! It wasn’t his death but his Resurrection and his defeat over death & Sin that makes Easter so wonderful. Because of his death and resurrection and our personal acceptance of what he did for us we are assured our Eternal Salvation!! I am happy that I serve a Risen Savior! Thank God that He is Risen!

  3. I wrote Marie, I meant “That was beautiful WENDY!” LOL!

  4. Marie? Wendy?

    We get that a lot! lol 😉

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