Navy SEAL Lt Gary Visits Navy Wife Radio tonight at 9pmET

I could not of said it better myself, from Jessica’s Blog:

Parental rights are something I am most passionate about and this story really hit home with my personal views in many aspects.

Many families from all branches have been separated due to divorce. Albeit a painful subject for all family members involved many times the Active duty family member is left victim as well as their children due to being “overlooked” while the Active Duty parent is deployed.

Time and time again and story after story children have been separated from their active Duty parent simply cause the parent could not show up to the court hearing due to being deployed. This is a difficult subject but one that is very real which leads me to the reason I wrote this post.

Please read below about Lt. Gary and his endeavors:

“LT Gary is a freelance writer born and raised in Bellflower, California. He enlisted in the Navy in 1986, and spent 11 years with the SEAL Teams as an enlisted member before receiving his degree from Old Dominion University in Virginia in 1997. He then spent another 10 years with the SEAL Teams as an officer. He is highly decorated and was awarded the Air Medal for his accomplishments in Afghanistan immediately following events which occurred in New York on September 11, 2001. LT Gary is married and lives with his wife Lori in Murrieta, California. LT Gary has four children named Sean, Savannah, Seth and Sierra who he adores. Both LT Gary and his wife Lori have testified before the California Senate to secure parental rights for members of our military while they are deployed, and protect the rights of their children. He believes in the strength of family above all else, and placed himself in harm’s way for 21 years in order to preserve and protect the families’ of these United States. He believes his country has an obligation to preserve service members’ families for them while they are away.”

Lt. Gary will be a guest on Navy Wife Radio this Tuesday, March 18th at 9pm ET and 6PM PT. Feel free to call in and ask any questions you may have for him or join the conversation via Instant Message. We would love to hear from you!

I would also like to challenge you to check out Lt. Gary’s book, “Never Far Apart” and share it with your children!!


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