Compass:N. 1. navigational instrument for finding directions

 Have you ever sat in the back of a deployment meeting looking around to see if you were the only one that didn’t understand some or even most of what was being said? Or have you gone to a Family Support Group Meeting with questions but came hoome with them unanswered… or better yet you didn’t even go to your Family Support Group Meeting because you have heard all kinds of negative things about those kind of groups?

If the above sounds like you, or if you have been a seasoned military spouse and still have questions or feel like you might have answers to share, come out and Join a 3 day COMPASS class.

COMPASS is a course that is put on by Naval Services FamilyLine.  It is a a Spouses mentoring Spouses program, and like the definition above, this program is an instrument for finding directions in this crazy military life.

When you attend COMPASS you will not be known by what your husband does or by who he is.  This course is truly about you and information you need to not just survive but to thrive as a military spouse!

COMPASS is a 12 hour program that is held over 3 days.  You will learn about everything from Naval history, to Money Management and Military Pay, and even Deployuments and Moving plus much more.  Childcare is either provided or compensated for and refreshments are always plentiful. 

If you decided that you like the program after you attend the 3 day class you can volunteer to become a mentor yourself.  Then you can pay it forward by sharing your knowledge with spouses who need your help!

If you have anymore questions about COMPASS or if you would like to find your location and sign up for the next class please visit .

This is a Course for the Navy Spouse, but some locations do offer the USMC L.I.N.K.S program (similiar to COMPASS) at the COMPASS locations.  I don’t know if other branches offer similar programs, if they do could you please post a link to info on the program in a comment, Thanks!

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for passing on the word!! GO COMPASS!

  2. Your welcome, I love the program.. and I’m not just saying that because I’m a mentor, I really belive that its a wonderful program for all!

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