Remembering the Troops on Valentines Day

I think most any military spouse will tell you during a deployment some days are easier than others and on a day like today full of love and romance it is hard to think of romance when your husband (or spouse) is deployed half way around the world. One of the biggest hurdles during this deployment has been the length of time he has been gone. If I had to pick a key thing that has helped me gain perspective in making it “easier” it would have to be getting to know a fellow mil-spouse whose husband is on 15 month deployment. Fifteen months and I’m feeling down after only five?! Fifteen months…. that is 3 TIMES longer than DH has been gone…’s hard to wrap my brain around that.

So tonight in wondering just what I wanted to write about Valentines Day I thought I’d send a Valentine out to our troops who are in the field, deployed, and at sea this Valentine’s Day and to their spouses. I came across this post which talks about how some amazing American’s in Denver decided to send a big Valentines Day heart to the troops. How cool.

So a big Valentines Day hug to you if your spouse is deployed. My appreciation for your sacrifice and prayers are with you today and until their safe return.


Valentine’s Heart for the Troops


2 Responses

  1. That was beautiful, Wendy! I have to ditto that! Hope your day was filled with much love!

  2. How awesome is that! Wishing EVERYONE the best!

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