Prepare Yourself

twisterLast week here in the Memphis area we had a very scary Tornado Warning. Several tornadoes touched down and the damage was severe in many parts of the city and surrounding areas. I had never been apart of anything like this. It left me feeling like if a real tornado had hit my street how completely unprepared I would have been. I managed to piece together candles, matches, food, water, blankets, etc…I did have almost a full tank of gas (not by plan) just in case I had to drive a long distance after the storm.

I’ve been giving some more thought to putting together 72 hour kits for each of us, including the dogs. I have a friend of mine who did this and was explaining all the things she had in the backpacks. I’m going to post just what I end up putting the kits and offer up some suggestions.

What I don’t like about a tornado…… they just spring up within a day or even hours. Im used to hurricane warnings where you get an evacuation order and can drive off to a four star hotel and ride out the storm in the comfort of a hotel suite with room service vs. your bathroom, interior closet or in my case last Tuesday night, my interior laundry room.

I’m researching what to put in my kit….

DH says he wants to just buy a case of MRE’s…….that might not be such a bad idea. My son would actually think that is cool.



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  1. I am so afraid of these. I know what you mean about no warning. Growing up in FL I have been through a few hurricanes and tropical storms but tornados are the things my nightmares are made of. Some of my hubby’s family lives near Chattanooga! Fortunately, they were just missed bye the tornados going through! That really was such a tragedy! I am glad you all were safe!

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