Newest Running Aide

The other morning while driving I couldn’t help but notice a runner on the sidewalk. You might think this is no big deal. As he got closer I noticed he was carrying something. Keep in mind Im driving…..and trying to concentrate on the road. Closer, closer….ok now he is near my passenger window and I realize he is running with a baseball bat. Yes, a baseball bat.

I saw him again this morning.

Any guesses on if he had the baseball bat again??

We’ll, he didn’t have a baseball bat…..he was running with a golf club.

No joke!



One Response

  1. I see people running with bats and golf clubs here too. I asked a guy once why he carried a golf club, and he said, “dogs” and just kept going. . . Hmmm. . .Should I be carrying a weapon?? I know of an older man that walks everyday with his golf club. . .I guess I should ask him why he does it. I hope he doesn’t say, “bothersome women” hee hee. :o)

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