12 Resolutions for the Military Wife

Have you set any goals / resolutions for 2008?  Here is a great article by Tanya Biank.  She visited Navy Wife Radio back in July –  listen to the interview here.

by Tanya Biank

The New Year is symbolic for new beginnings and renewed hope. Here’s a list of resolutions for the military wife.

1. Remember the big picture. On days when the strain of military life brings you down, be joyful for what you have: Life in a country of freedom, full of opportunity, and a spouse willing to defend it.

2. Cherish the little moments. Little moments can be big moments in military life: Your child’s ball game, a stroll in the park, a phone call from Iraq.

3. Make a difference in one life. Mentor a child. Be a good friend. Help a family in need.

4. Be a good neighbor. Build bridges, not walls. Make a new family feel welcome and an old family feel valued. Help out and check on a spouse whose husband is deployed. Be pleasant and courteous. Share recipes and a good wine!

5. Practice good etiquette. Good manners never go out of style. RSVP to social events, arrive on time, dress appropriately, don’t show up empty-handed, be friendly, write thank you notes.

6. Volunteer when you can. The military community relies heavily on its spouse volunteers. If you have time, lend a helping hand. If you already volunteer, be respectful of your fellow volunteers. Like you, they, too, are giving their time to serve others. Treat them accordingly.

7. Give people a chance. Don’t judge people solely on a negative first impression. That spouse who came off as “cold” or “snobbish” may simply be shy.

8. Stay in touch. Make more of an effort to keep in contact with friends from past assignments who have enriched your life.

9. Be less judgmental. Don’t judge people based on hearsay, rumors, speculation, rank or stereotypes.

10. Minimize feelings of entitlement. Your military healthcare, housing, commissary, exchange and recreational facilities are benefits, not rights.

11. Take the high road. In difficult situations, take the high road. Your example will speak for you.

12. Make each day count. Military life goes by all too quickly. Cherish your family and your friendships. Get involved. Enjoy the journey.

from Cinchouse.com – read more Tanya Biank


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