“No Shooting Fireworks off in the Neighborhood”

“Don’t shoot fireworks off in the neighborhood, you might start a fire!”, how many times has any of us heard our parents tell us this. I know when we were kids we were not allowed to shoot them off ourselves, it was usually an uncle or dad shooting off the bottle rockets in the street in front of our house. Keep in mind I grew up in New Mexico….in the desert…..4th of July…..I don’t think anyone should have been shooting off fireworks now that I look back.

Well….flash back to last Friday night, I am at home snuggled in the for the evening when I hear a siren and it keeps getting louder and louder until I see flashing lights through the front window. Oh Crap! I hurry outside and track the fire truck and ambulance…they stopped two houses down from mine. It seems the teenagers across the street set off a bottle rocket that landed in the side yard of the neighbors house and the grass caught on fire. The neighbors were putting the fire out with a garden hose. It is a miracle there wasn’t more damage. The fire went about a foot from my next door neighbors house, less that a foot from a wooden fence and also inched towards a car in the driveway.

So, yes it is amazing that nothing but grass was burned.

As me and the other neighbors were outside watching all this happen, the teenager that lives next door said, “so, when my parents told me not to set off fireworks in the neighborhood because they can start a fire…..now I believe them.” and even though it really wasn’t a “laughing matter”, we all just chuckled and it broke the tension.

As far as the culprits, I hope they are prepared to pay for some sod. I Thank the Good Lord above everyone was safe and no major damage was done.


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