Bliss – My New Favorite Thing

p107307_hero.jpgMy husband doesn’t ask for much when it comes to sending him care packages. Coming from the (boomer) submarine world where care packages are pretty much non existent, you would think he would have a long list of favorites he’d like me to send. When he talks about anything that might be something I could send….I pay attention.

This southern boy is really having a hard time with the harsh dry weather. Dry, scratchy skin is not fun and can really hurt. Lately, it seems everything I find has some sort of “scent”. Why do so many lotions with ingredients like Shea Butter smell like coconuts!

Over the holidays I went to one of my favorite stores. Sephora (que music)…..I am not a “girly girl”, so it is surprising to me that I actually like this store. They sell my two favorite product lines in cosmetics and bath/body – Bare Escentuals and Philosophy.

On my last trip to Sephora at the checkout they gave me a sample of a “body butter”. I normally never use these “samples” and they just collect space…..but this time I did.

This little 1.7fl oz. tube of creme is my new favorite thing…..and I just thought I share it.

I just know the husband is going to love it too.

Bliss – Naked Body Butter

You can find it at Sephora and I’m sure other places on the net.

Love, Love, Love it! It has zero scent and works just great.


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