Back from my Surgery!

Hello all,

Just wanted to give every one an update.  I left for the hospital today at 4:30am  I got there around 6am and was taken in back around 6:30.  From there I undressed and got my IV and signed all kinds of paperwork.  My parents and husband came back to sit with me and about 1 hour later my Surgen came back and marked me up.   While I was waiting I kept falling asleep becase I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night of new years and I went to bed really late last night.  

 So when it was time for me to go back to the OR I was really tired and only half awake.  As soon as I got back there I was shivering because the room was only about 40degrees.  So they laid me on the table and put blankets over me.  Then I got drugs that knocked me out. 

 I don’t remeber anything after that and I also don’t remember much after waking up.  Infact I didn’t really wake up untill about an hour after I was home.  I’ve been sleeping on and off all day and even now I’m falling asleep as I type. 

I’m about half of the size I was before and I can actually touch the skin above my belly, which I wasn’t able to do with out lifting up my chest before.  Besides that I can’t really even tell what I look like because I’m so bandaged up. 

I feel ok, just sore and very tired.  I’m not sure how many days I have left for painkillers but I’ll tell you what… I really hope I don’t stop taking them anytime soon.  lol

 On Friday I have an apointment and I’ll update more than. 

Thanks for reading!!


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  1. Megan – Thank you so much for sharing the news. I’m so glad to hear the surgery went well. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers for a fast recovery. Take care of yourself and don’t over do.


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