USAA’s Holiday Salute to the Troops and their Families

USAAUSAA employees send holiday greetings via video – USAA employees gathered recently to record a Holiday salute video to members of the Armed Forces and their families at the company’s headquarters in San Antonio. In addition to the video, USAA, a long-time America Supports You corporate sponsor, offered its employees the opportunity to say thank you through the company web site. More than 700 employees shared their messages with America’s heroes. One of the first employees to respond was Angelita Aronce, whose husband is due to return from Iraq any day. “Last year my soldier was in Baghdad, Iraq and initially with the extension it looked like we were going to be without him again this year,” she said. “We have been blessed since he will be home in a couple of days. Although it was difficult to be without him, I was also very proud of him. I pray everyday that all of our soldiers stay safe and come home to their families.” (Photo courtesy of USAA)

Holiday Greetings to Our Troops — Your Dedication and Sacrifice Honors Us All
<—-Click to play video


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