Christmas Traditions

Last week we talked about Christmas Traditions. There were a few that I didn’t get to , so I thought I’d highlight them here.


The Advent Wreath is displayed in churches and homes, a tradition of short history that started over 100 years ago in Hamburg, Germany. At that time, many orphaned children roamed the streets, begging for food. The protestant priest Johann Heinrich Wichert attended to these homeless children in the “Rauhe Haus”, established in 1833, where he held an Advent service each year and introduced the concepts of Advent and Christmas to them. He conducted a candle service, “Kerzenandacht”, every day for 24 days before Christmas. During that time one of 24 candles was placed on a large hanging wooden hoop each day until all 24 candles were aglow. The children decorated the hoop with fir twigs as a symbol for life. That custom grew popular among adults, who then adopted the practice in their homes. They simplified it by reducing the number of candles to four, representing the four Sundays before Christmas.

How to make your own Advent Wreath

I know there are only 2 Sundays until Christmas, so this may be something you start next year….or maybe you are already doing this and just didn’t know the history… any case, this is just another wonderful tradition for this time of year.   🙂


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