14 days and counting

imgp1016_sm.jpgWith only 14 days till Christmas I have finally finished my Christmas lights out front. I found these lights that look like they are glowing at Garden Ridge…..who knew they had such a thing. Those along with some lights from Walmart are what I used. I put some lights on all the bushes and around the front door. My roof is too steep to dare climb up on a ladder, plus our front yard is slanted….so Im thinking that it would be an emergency room visit waiting to happen.

The weather here was so mild last night, drizzily rain but warm enough for just a sweatshirt. It was great to stand out on the street and look at the lights and watch them take shape as I decorated each bush.

It was so worth it.

Is your husband deployed? Have you put up lights? If you haven’t, get out there and hang some lights. It will help the Christmas spirit, I promise.

Updated 12/11: Note about the photo – The glowing lights are to the left of the small tree. I have my tall skinny tree in the front window, along with a wreath that is hung up with a plastic suction cup. We also have those small candle lights in the windows….very Christmasy. We have two huge trees on either side of the house and no matter how many leaves we pick up, they are always back the next day. I think I’ll be raking leaves till Jan.

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