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12/4 9pm ET

James J. Lee / Army Times

Soldiers train for IA duty at Ft. Jackson, S.C.

Tuesday – Dec 4th, we are highlighting a different kind of deployment. The Individual Augmentation. Most of these deployments are 6 to 13 months in length and are generally to Afghanistan, Iraq, the horn of Africa and a few other places around the world. The Individual Augmentee is generally assigned to an Army unit.

If your husband has been assigned as an IA recently or in the past we want your insights, advice and experience. Join us as we chat about this hot topic.


UPDATE: We will be welcoming Air Force wife, Julie Negron in the last half of the show in our segment “My Military Life” . You Know Julie or “Jewls” from her hit comic strip “Jenny Spouse”. Don’t miss the laughs!


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  1. I just thought i’d bring this info up again, I had posted it a while back for those looking at their spouses going IA. I thought it could be of use to bring it back up . here ya go :

    “OK here is the info I found for IAs
    the number I was talking about in my other comment is the NE number (Noble Eagle Number) I was told in one of my classes that this number is just as important and in some cases more important then the sailors SS#. On the orders where I have seen it is on the first page under REF: and on one of the last lines, the orders I have on hand as my example, it is located and looks like this:

    REF: (P) RTN/Line Number NE-1234-5678

    The care line number for the IA Family Readiness center is 1-877-364-4302 (24 hour care line), and I was told that a real person answers that phone ( i just verified it, and they are very nice and welcome any and all questions ) . They do not hold family readiness group meetings, they leave that the the Family Support Centers. (this is the website that goes with the above phone number) When I was verifying the phone number, they were really helpful and said, if there are any questions ot comments that you have from the info provided on the website or even improvements that may be needed, to give them a call and they will take that information and make updates and changes.

    sailors can get info on IA at the NKO website, there are check lists and other types of things to assit the sailor in preparing for the deployment.

    I hope this helps you and anyone else that may be going IA!!! If i come across any more info that I have I’ll put it up.”

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