Hubby is gone

Its kind of hard for me to come to terms with the fact that hubby isn’t going to be home tonight.  I have known for a while that hubby was leaving on TAD, but still its a bit odd sitting here with out hubby.  

Ok, let me tell you he will only be gone for a few weeks, so all in all it really isn’t that bad; and compared to a 6 month sub deployment it really is nothing.  However I think my hang up lies with the fact that I didn’t get the closure I needed that I used to get from watching the boat leave.  You never really realize how much you depend on your own little traditions, untill that tradition is broken. 

 In the past I used to sit at the pier every underway and deployment waving good bye to the boat (and making sure it actually did leave…..   USS Pier Trophy) and some how that comforted me.  Today, before the crack of dawn, the kids and hubby and I all packed in to the car and made our way to the airport.  Because of how early it was the kids were all asleep by the time we got to the airport and there was no point hauling 3 kids in PJs through the airport, so we just said good bye at the drop off zone.  How weird, I felt while driving home because to me it felt like we didn’t really say good bye. 

 So today, after the sun came up, the kids and I just kind of hung out around the house.  I don’t think anyone was very happy that daddy was gone. LOL Can we say SPOILED; shore duty has spoiled this family!  No one wanted to listen to mom, including the dog. 

I can tell this is going to be a fun start on the holidays. LOL


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  1. *Big Hug* I’ll think I’ll have to make a post on this since my comment was getting to be about a paragraph long.

    I think you stirred something up talking about watching the boat leave.

    I can relate at the “no one wants to listen to mom, including the dog”. When I drive his truck and park it in front of the window, mine will sit on the bed and look out the window waiting for daddy. 😦

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