Christmas Shopping Ideas

rock_pop_150_120.jpgUsually by Thanksgiving I have my Christmas shopping done. Yes….I know….crazy right. It comes from living in Germany years ago and having to meet shipping deadlines. Its a routine that has stuck throughout the years, some years I have a few straggling gifts to get (which is the case this year)….but for the most part I get it done by December.

One thing I started doing a few years back is giving extended family gifts that are either personalized, like a photo calendar of grandkids, consumable or entertainment related.

So far, we haven’t had any complaints. I test the water with hints like “wouldn’t tickets to a Mavericks game be cool?” … that way what I send doesn’t get re-gifted.

Past gifts have included:

Dinner & Movie Gift Cards – we have done both Ruth Chris and more moderately priced restaurants.
Professional Sports Game Tickets – We have family in Dallas that LOVE the Mavericks
Subscriptions to a favorite Magazine
Juniors Sugar Free Cheesecake – My grandmother has everything she could ever want and buying for her is difficult….she would never think to order something gourmet, so this type of gift is perfect for her.

Sometimes a gift a jewelry sneaks in for the moms, but that is rare. They each have jewelry boxes full, so it is sort of pointless.

In trying to follow this pattern, it makes shopping for the holidays a little easier. No sweaters, ties, flannel shirts, gadgets, dust collectors, etc….

I even started doing this for birthdays and it works out just great. We all have so much stuff, who needs more of it?? I used to collect David Winter Cottages….I’ve told my family NO MORE… little curio cabinet thing is almost busting at the seams!

Being creative with gifts that includes homemade items too is also wonderful. I also went through a season of hand painting vases which the ladies in the family got from me one year. I’d love to learn embrodiery and make myself some dish towels, I had an Aunt make me a set once. Maybe you have seen these: Monday = Wash Day Tues = Baking Day Wed=Shopping Day….etc…. I need to figure out how to do that.

Maybe next year when Im giving my mom concert tickets I can give her a set of hand embroidered towels for the kitchen…..

Got any unique ideas for Christmas gifts??


2 Responses

  1. I am also one to get all or at least most of my shopping done before thanksgiving. .. My reasoning for it is so I don’t have to spend money we don’t have during the holidays.

    This year I’ve made a few ornaments that I think I’m going to pass on to family. It seems like a simple and cheap gift!

  2. Handmade items are always the most special and memorable. …and yes by shopping early, I don’t get sucked in by “amazing deals” and just pilling on gifts.

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