Thank You

KermitJust a quick note to hop on here and spread some Holiday Thanksgiving Cheer.

Im in between sweet potato pie (that was the most amazing thing I’ve tasted of late) and a leftover turkey sandwich.

Keeping family traditions and creating new ones are part of what makes Thanksgiving one of my favorite holidays.

Of the many things and I am thankful for this year, here are my top 5:

1. My dear husband and all the brave men and women who are deployed this holiday season and their families.

2. Of course my amazing kids (pups included), family and friends.

3. This great country of ours. After traveling overseas and living abroad… gave me a unique appreciation of being an American, the opportunities, the freedoms we have and this time of year reminds me how proud I am to be an American .

4. Everyone that is a regular here, connecting and getting to know you the fellow bloggers and readers has been such a blessing to me. I think the internet is just an amazing thing. I often think of my grandparents and how they communicated during WWII, we have this sort of “instant” communication that brings us all together, and its just amazing.

5. Heat – it is freezing here….and Im so thankful for heat!

I could go on an on…..but I wont bore you.

I want to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving, and if your husband (or spouse) is deployed this holiday a special message to say thank you for your sacrifice. Sleeping alone, celebrating without him (or her) is tough….I know. Frankly, its easy to start to feel sorry for ourselves. I just want give you a big virtual hug and say your part in the “mission” does not go unnoticed. You can be proud your family is a part of something bigger. I pray for his/her safe and speedy return.

God Bless You!

Here is some light reading –

Troops celebrating Thanksgiving in Iraq and Afghanistan – includes photo gallery

Soldiers celebrate Thanksgiving in Iraq

Thanksgiving memories comfort father of SEAL


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