What A Time

  I gave birth to my son about seven weeks ago. Before I had him, I was a regular contributor to the site. I wrote about what I was feeling, what irked me and of course what life was dealing us as a military family. I figured that after my son was born that I’d have some time to write while he was napping but that proved to be difficult.

  Two weeks after my son was born I ended up visiting the ER due to heavy post partum bleeding. It was rather scary and ended with a D&C procedure. My husband was scheduled to return to work so we were reassured that with the surgery having been completed that I wouldn’t have to worry about the bleeding issue. Just two weeks after that I had my first ride in an ambulance as I was rushed to the hospital for the same reason, except this time… much, much worse. Two weeks after that I ended up having another D&C. Needless to say, things have been a little rough lately with recovery. So I want to apologize for not contributing as much as usual.

  I was blessed with a beautiful son who is growing so quickly I can hardly believe my eyes. I was also fortunate enough not to experience “baby blues,” however I am now faced with anxiety on a daily basis. When I was taken to the hospital by ambulance I was close to never being able to see my son, husband or family. I had lost so much blood that my body was going into shock and I was in and out of consciousness. Had my husband gotten home two minutes later, I wouldn’t be alive today.

   In a blog I wrote a while back ago on Submarinewife.com I talked about writing. I have always found a sense of comfort and release when I write. I encourage everyone to write because a pen and paper or a computer program or blog won’t judge you or offer advice, it just listens. So, that is why I’m writing this blog. I have been feeling anxious and scared the past month and a half not knowing whether I’ll have another bleeding episode and not knowing whether or not I’m going to survive it if it happens again. So again, I encourage you all to write. Whether you are feeling stressed about the holidays, feeling blue because your spouse is away or you’re feeling excited about an upcoming event… whatever it be, write. And, I thank all of you for letting me write!


2 Responses

  1. K –

    I hope you can feel our BIG virtual hug….and you are right “writing” can be very therapeutic. I will continue to pray for your complete recovery and that you (and baby) get stronger with every passing day. I am glad your hubby is home right now. We need to see some pics!! 🙂

  2. You are in my thoughts and prayers! Take it one day at a time. And from one mother to another. . .children grow up waaay too fast, so cherish every smile, tear, and little outfit because there will be a day where they “think” they don’t need you, And they will pick out there own clothes. . . Oh gosh, I’m going to need a moment! My babies are getting too big. 😦

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