Toby Keith Military Spouse MagazineOk, after reading the last 3 issues of Military Spouse Magazine and anticipating each new issue I finally subscribed. Maybe you already get this magazine, or maybe like me you are new to learning about it.

I love sharing my favorite things, I think we all do and this is definately on the list.

I subscribed online and it was very easy. I picked the 2 yr. plan and I can’t wait to get mine in my mailbox vs. trying to find it on the newstand or at my FFSC.

The articles range from deployment stories to career help, funny pieces and even travel. Lots of different content geared directly towards the mil-lifestyle. New is a Fitness Challenge with Billy Blanks…..and you know Billy Blanks is one of our favorite people so Im hooked. They are going to follow the progress of mil-spouses doing Billy’s workout…etc. I can’t wait to read all about it. Im doing my own Billy Blanks workouts and it is TOUGH! I hope to have some before and after photos by Spring. Wouldn’t that be awesome……ok back on track here…

To subscribe to Military Spouse Magazine its easy, just follow the below link and click through from there.

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