Bill O’Reilly Visits the Troops in Afghanistan

The husband reported over the weekend meeting Bill O’Reilly. He was supposed to see him on Saturday, but missed him due to work schedule…however on Sunday Bill was at the DFAC spending time with the troops and hanging out. Craig said Bill looked very tired, Im guessing the time change and the fact he there are no “heavenly beds” nearby contributed to his haggard look. Im so thankful that he didn’t let his tiredness stop him from sharing some love with the troops. Craig said he had been giving out his new book, but that they were out by the time he got there.

I’ll be posting the photo they took together and more details.

Craig said it was a bit of a circus and that he probably met over 1,000 soldiers / sailors and airman.

I think its great for the troops to have the distraction and positive words of encouragement during this holiday time.

Thanks Bill O’Reilly for the trip, meeting my husband…..and I hope you got his autograph.


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  1. Good for Bill. He is a great American

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