Fire Detectors

With the winter months coming fast, I just wanted to remind everyone to check your fire detectors.  I’m not usually the person to harp about this subject however last nights events made me think a little more about it.


My parents live up in the foot hills of western Virginia; they live on a beautiful 55 acre working farm.  The house they live in was built by my Step Mothers Great Great Grandfather.  It’s old and shows its years.  With no central air or heat the only way to heat the house in these cold fall nights is electric space heaters and using one or all of the many fire places (for safety all of the fire places have been converted into wood burning stoves).


Last night before my parents went to bed they stoked the fire and closed the flue to cut off most of the air flow to let the fire burn out.  This is something that is done every night of every fall and winter.  Well a little after midnight the fire alarms (that my Step Mom installed when they moved in) started going off.  My parents sleep in a bedroom above the living room, and the living room was on fire they did not know it had started until the alarms went off.  They ran downstairs and started putting the fire out as quickly as possible (something I don’t recommend; however they live out in back country and calling 911 would have wound up in the house burning down).  After a few LONG minutes my dad had the fire out and they were able to relax. 


My Step Mom thanks the fire alarms for saving their lives and their house!  So with that I wanted to pass on the word; CHECK YOUR FIRE ALARMS (make sure they are working and the batteries are replaced every year). 


Please have Happy Holidays and a Safe Fall and Winter!


One Response

  1. Megan – thanks for sharing……I hope your parents are ok. It’s a miracle they awoke in time….and I think its safe to say having a working fire alarm saved the day.

    Great advice, I just changed the one upstairs…..I need to check the others….

    Thanks for the reminder!

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