I love my DVR. It holds shows for me until I am ready to watch them. My favorite thing to do is to have a mini-film festival of my favorite show(s). Now that fall soccer is over and we don’t have practice or games during the week, I have time to watch all my favorites.

One time I gave up TV for 30 days. Yep, 30 days. It was strange, but eventually we got used it. It took a few days to stop feeling like “what am I missing”, but after that the time was filled with other things like reading, board games, outside activities and other stuff…

That and living in Europe for 4 years where I hardly watched TV…..made me picky about the TV I watch. I think I watch more when the husband is deployed and during the winter. I did try to watch all those CSI’s with my husband…..but eventually I broke down and got another TV. I just couldn’t take it any longer.

Having said all of that, here is what Im taping on my DVR:

(although the writers strike in Hollywood might threaten my TV watching. I say the writers deserve to be paid a % for sales of DVD’s ipod viewing etc….)

1. Dancing with the Stars – I think Marie Osmond is going to win, even though this season I have yet to vote.

2. Young and Restless

3. Ugly Betty (I only started watching the show this season…..I sort of got hooked after it was on all day on USA and I taped all of last seasons episodes….thats what happens when hubby is gone and you are looking for something to fill all that time).

4. Greys Anatomy – I have 3 episodes to watch….perfect for that mini-film festival.

5. The Big Idea

6. Larry King Live – love the good interviews, delete the drama stuff.

7. The Office

8. Oprah – Even though Oprah says she hasn’t watched TV since Mary Tyler Moore went off the air and the time she watch backed to back episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Planet Earth. Why do we watch Oprah, when even she doesn’t watch TV?? Strange I know. I do delete anything that has to do with anything resembling Jerry Springer content.

9. Divine Design (on HGTV – Im currently getting ideas on finally painting the inside of my house after being here over a year. Most everything is builder beige except for my bedroom…which is just a shade darker. If I could have any designer do any room in my home and trust them 100%, it would be Candice Olson).

10. Searching to fill this spot…..sometimes I watch Desperate Housewives….I guess that qualifies.

My DVR holds 100 hours of programming. I just saw a commercial for the new ones that hold 500 hours! 500 hours! Now thats a lot of TV! To bad you can’t ship the DVR to Afghanistan so the hubby can watch all his shows… that’s a whole other story….


2 Responses

  1. Marie Osmond winning Dancing with the Stars? Come on, there are better dancers on there. 🙂 Mel B or Heilio (sp) have my votes! 🙂

  2. I hear ya….I don’t think she is the best dancer either…..I just think she will end up winning.

    I still haven’t voted, by the time I watch the show the voting is over. I think they are all great. I love that Julia(?) the young girl that dances with Helio…..she is just too cute and a great dancer.

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