Seasons Change

Crisp fall days, soccer games under the lights and evenings spent on a camping chair watching the Blue Galaxy run back and forth down the soccer field are now gone. Our Fall Soccer season has recently ended. Sitting on my camping chair through youth sports games is frankly, one of my favorite things to do after a long day. There is no cleaning, no work, no cooking, no phone calls to make, no dogs, no projects….nothing. Just the joy of watching my son run, laugh, learn a new a skill and enjoy a game he really loves.

I’ve often heard many mil-spouses give their reasons why they are too busy to put their children in youth sports. For me, it is something we have done every fall and spring since Chris was 3 years old. Don’t get me wrong, Im not a “stage mom”, fanatical about winning or boot camp for kids. I think the teamwork, exercise and learning done on a field are valuable to a childs development on many levels.

I’ve known moms with 4 boys, with games going on four different fields, with dad at sea and somehow she makes it to all the practices, all the games with snacks, orange halves and drinks when its her day. Im only running after one 11 year old at present and I have trouble with that!

Here’s a *Cheers* to all you soccer moms that made it through another season… can relax for a couple of months before we are back at it again! 😉


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