New Tonight on Navy Wife Radio – Deployments

Websites for Heroes

With social websites like MySpace and uTube blocked on DoD networks, communicating with your service member with photos and video has come to a hault. Simply trying to send a photo via email is something near impossible with internet (if accessible at all) at more of a dial-up speed. Creative communication is something we mil-spouses pride ourselves on.

You are going to love this wonderful way we found for you to communicate with your Service Member!! You can now communicate via your very own safe, secure, password protected website. offers a FREE website to all military families.

usaa_moneytips.gifAlso on the show we welcome, USAA’s Deployment Assistance Program Manager, USN Capt (Ret.) Rich Strikler. Rich will be sharing with us how USAA can save us money while our spouse is deployed, from adjusting our car insurance coverage to how to lower our credit card interest rate and more. To contact USAA’s Deployment Response Team call 1-877-2DEPLOY today!

Join us tonight at 9pmET LIVE for the show!

We are talking about Deployments, communication with your Sailor and Saving money while he / she is gone.

For all the details visit:

Update:  We had Todd Hecht join us tonight on the show, he is the President of who provide Career Expos for Military Veterans.  – Deploying Military Talent to Corporate America
Upcoming Dates:  Jax Nov 8th, Virginia Beach Nov 13th and on to San Diego and Dallas


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