Finally… Maybe…

  I’m about to pull my hair out! I don’t know about everyone else but for us, getting orders that are set in stone are nearly impossible to come by.

  We have been battling back and forth trying to get an answer about what we will be doing come the end of the year but it seems as though no one knows. Finally hubby and I decided that we’d plan for a move and go with what the original orders said. After several calls to apartment complexes and a couple of places renting apartments out from under us, we finally landed a place to live. We filled the application out and put the deposit down and sat back with a sigh of relief that we can move and have a place to live.

  Later that evening the phone rings and to our surprise it is hubby’s chief bearing bad news! “Orders are being canceled without notice and your’s could be one of them.” WHAT???!!! After all the pushing and shoving and hard work we’ve put in, all that could be going down the drain!! NO! Not on my watch! Thankfully hubby was blunt and said his piece… NO! But whether or not it is going to be enough is another question.

  No one said being a military family was easy or free of stress!


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  1. Oh my gosh – what a mess!! I sent you an email ….where is my husband when I need him for important things like this!! We’ll see what we can figure out for you. Kiss the baby!

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