Ben Stein’s – The Real Stars

The book The Real Stars on Amazon.

The first time I read Ben Steins last column in his Mondays at Mortons bi-weekly column for E!Online I was shocked and touched someone “in hollywood” had such an affection for the military.

It made its away through the blogsphere and “email” lists with a ferver. I forwarded it to everyone I knew.

Now he has a book out that I can’t wait to read! It’s a tribute to the fine men and women in uniform. All proceeds go towards charity.

One Response

  1. Wow, Thank you Ben Stein.
    I have to tell you all the truth. I have some how forgotten what “basic pay” is. When he mentions living on $1,500 a month +$250 combat pay, I was shocked. I remember when Nick joined the Navy and trying to make it on E-nothing pay. It was HARD. I guess I had taken what we have now for granted. I have a new perspective today b/c of this video. These men and women serving deserve so much more. When are people going to do SOMETHING!!?? What can we do?

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