Spiderman, Spiderman,
Does whatever a spider can.
Spins a web, any size,
Catches thieves just like flies.
Look out! Here comes the Spiderman…..

When my 4 year old son went down for a nap he was dressed from head to toe in Spiderman PJs he had been wearing from the night before (yes the weekends are set aside for all day PJs, unless we are headed out of the house). Never did I think he would have taken the role of Spiderman during this nap….

My son is naturally mischievous; just recently he ‘washed’ my computer after he climbed over the gate in his door way and woke up and opened my daughter’s gate on her door.

Since that day (and we have done this in the past) we put 2 gates on his door, one on top of another. The gates, together, stand about 3/4s the height of the door.

NO way would a 4 year old climb over that….. Right? ….. WRONG!

My wonderful child of 4 years, must have the speed and agility of Spiderman and the brain of Einstein.

I was sitting in the living room and over the baby monitor I heard a slight racket. So as usual I got up to check on what my son was doing.

There is this point in the house where I can just see the edge of his door way, and when I got to that point I looked and like a flash I see this dark figure (in black Spiderman PJs) climb the two gates and jump off the top of the gate. At that point I couldn’t see anything else but I heard the steps of a 4 year old running and jumping into bed.

As I came around the corner my son got out of bed and was in tears because some how, some way, while he was laying in bed taking a nap he bit his tongue……..

I guess taking him to the first two Spiderman movies when he was younger may have not been the best idea in the world. There should be a warning at the movies *Very young children may take on a few of the qualities later in life, of the characters that they see in this movie.


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  1. Boys will be boys! Oh what I get to look forward to. My little one of three weeks already has a mischevious side. I can see my son… and my husband, doing something of that sort, except trying to scale a wall or something. 🙂

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