Op: Dinner Out Photos

I was so busy running around, I did not take one photo. Please send me your photos!

Thanks Shakyra for this one! We are all wearing our Billy Blanks, Team TAE-BO hats!

Op Dinner Out Group

Thanks Kristen for this one!

Op Dinner Out

Andrea, Veronica, Kristen M., Kristen R., and Shakyra

One Response

  1. I know there are a few wives saying…. didn’t Megan take pictures the whole night. LOL I did, however the following morning my 4 year old son decided that the computer needed cleaning, and he poured a whole bottle of facial toner on the laptop. While that one is drying in pieces I am using our old laptop, which has a shattered screen (broken by my son 2 years ago…lol) it is running extreamly slow and I don’t think I will be able to upload all the photos. So… As soon as our new computers from dell (actually they arn’t brand new one is refurbished and one is from the scratch and dent section from dell)I will post the pictures, or send them to Wendy to post. I am sorry for the Delay!!

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