I had my consult appointment

So, a while back I told you all that I had decided to go forward with looking at getting a breast reduction done. 

With no real idea as to how tricare and the navy clinic would handle this, I went ahead and scheduled my appointment.  A few months ago I had made an appointment because I had some really bad back pain.  When I went to that appointment I was referred to a physical therapist and attended physical therapy for 13 sessions to help correct a pelvic tilt.  That was great it relieved a lot of pain however I still had (and have) a lot of pain.  Now, I bring that up because it was that appointment hat saved me a lot of time when I went into the clinic asking for a referral for a breast reduction. 

I spoke with my PCM at the clinic at my appointment and he went over what seemed like 101 questions about my pain and about the things I have done to correct or try to help get rid of my pain.  When I mentioned that I had already been to physical therapy for my back, that made his decision on getting me a referral to see a surgeon.  He told me that in a week or so I would see a referral for the general surgeon at the military hospital. 

Well when I got my referral, I was surprised to see that Tricare was actually sending me to a Private Practice Plastic Surgeon instead of the military hospital.  How cool is that?

So today I went to my first consult with the Plastic Surgeon. And I was very excited to hear that she thought I was a prime example of a patient that needed this surgery.  She did a few simple measurements, took pictures, and asked me the same 101 questions that my PCM asked.  Then she went on to tell me everything that would take place and showed me pictures of past procedures she had done.    At the end of the appointment she told me that in about 4-8 weeks I should get my letter of approval from tricare and then I can schedule my procedure; she has no doubt that I will be approved. 

I’m excited, and can only hope Tricare will hold up its end and send me my letter of approval.    


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