What Not To Say To A 40 Week Pregnant Woman

Well my due date is right around the corner and I must say that I’m about ready to take a vacuum and suck this baby out! Although the pregnancy road has been nothing short of a miracle, the miracle of childbirth looks better and better every day! I feel as big as a blimp, can’t fit into any of my maternity clothes and look at clothes that I used to wear pre-pregnancy and get a tear in my eye because I just want to fit in something again.  


With all that being said… let me address a little something. I am 40 weeks pregnant. I’ve finally made it, but still have no baby in my arms. I know that it is rare that a baby comes on its due date, but still… is it so much to ask to come a little before? Anyways, all around me people are getting trim for the holidays and are losing weight (this isn’t against you Wendy or Marie). And yes, I’m happy for the ones that keep going on and on about how much weight they’ve lost. It’s great that they are getting healthy and are feeling better about themselves… but honestly, who in their right mind would gloat the fact that they are losing oodles and oodles of weight or are working on a six pack to a pregnant woman who feels large and not so in charge?


I know that after our bundle of joy arrives that I can start slowly on getting the weight back off. However I’ve been told that to get into the full swing of exercising, one must wait until six weeks of recovery are over!! I’ve been doing some research as to what I can do soon after the baby is born… all I’ve seen is walking. Furthermore I’ve researched what I want to do after I get the green light to go ahead and start working off those pounds. I have pilates and yoga-lates DVD’s but am looking for a little something extra to really help blast away the weight. I’ve decided that I’m going to lean toward Navy Wife Radio’s friend of… BILLY BLANKS!


I know that people say it takes nine months to put on the weight and that it will take some time to get off, but I’m really hoping to be close to my pre-pregnancy weight by Christmas time. I’m hoping that with a supportive husband and motivation to get back to my old size (or smaller) that I’ll be able to shed those unwanted pounds by then. It only makes sense to get them off in order to put a couple pounds on during Christmas feasts!



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  1. LOL! You are going to be fine! I lost all my preg weight within three months of having each of mine. . . All the stuff you will be doing will help you lose every pound. I looked my best (even better than high school) after my second child. I do weigh more now, but I hope to change that! LEt me know when you start working out. We can motivate eachother!!! 😉 Good luck, OH! My daughter was 2 weeks late! You should probably add this to your list of things not to say to a 40 wk preg woman! LOL

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