You know your husbands deployed when…


Photo borrowed from over at The Lemon Stand .

The husband has a serious fear of sharks….so I had to post.

Other ramblings of how you know your husband is deployed:

1. You grab that extra plate out of the cupboard when its time to set the table and you have to put it back.

2. You have to mow the lawn. ( I do this also when he is home….on occasion….but he normally does it……and it is different when you “have” to do vs. want to do it. ๐Ÿ™‚

3. You are at every soccer practice.

4. You buy too much lunch meat and just sits in the frig, because he is the one that loves to make sandwiches.

5. You are the one that takes the dogs out one last time before its lights out.

6. You are driving his truck, when your car is parked in the garage.

7. You keep his shoes out just where he left them.


6 Responses

  1. Well done, great blog and great posts!!!

  2. #8 You talk to your girlfriend at least 10 times a day on the phone and can sit up chatting in the late hours of night!!

  3. #9 when deployed on ship/boat, you miss the smell of his uniform, which would normally not be on your top 10 smells list.

    #10 You check your e-mail every chance you get.

    #11 When you have children you say, “Good night, I love you, and Daddy loves you too”. And you hear this from your kids, “That’s not how daddy does it!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. #12 When you check the locks on the doors, the locks on the windows, and behind the shower curtain multiple times before you go to bed.

    #13 When its 2am and you are cleaning your house, because there is nothing else to do and you just can’t sleep one more night in a cold bed.

    #14 When every sappy commercial makes you cry

  5. Oh gosh, I check the shower curtain too! And I thought I was just a big baby. I’m glad to hear that I’m no the only one! lol

  6. You run out of clean silverware before the dishwasher is even half full, you can pay for a weeks worth of food in the 15 items or less isle, the load size dial on the washing machine is permanently set at “small”.

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