New Show Tonight! Michelle Keener Author of *Shared Courage*

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Shared Courage by Michelle Keener
September 18th – Shared Courage
Join us for Marine Wife Michelle Keener, author of the book *Shared Courage*.

In Shared Courage, Michelle Keener gives her firsthand experience as a Marine wife during wartime: Her husband is a Marine officer with two tours in Iraq including time in Fallujah. From their meeting in the years before the events of 9/11 through his deployments into the Iraq war zone, Michelle brings readers into the homes of those left behind—those who also serve. From raising children to comforting other wives to keeping the bills paid back home, Michelle presents a heartfelt and moving account of the loneliness of wartime distance—and the constant fear that the next Marine to fall will be her own.

Michelle transforms the anonymity of those who fight war and support the warriors into personal stories of courage, confidence, and caring. From the false hopes for war’s end when Saddam’s statue was pulled down, to the surprise second deployment by way of Okinawa to fight a new and different war, to the appearance of her husband in a touching photo—shown worldwide—carrying an injured child, Michelle brings readers along on the emotional roller coaster of being in a military family.

Join the conversation Tuesday at 9pmET LIVE!

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September 18th – Tuesday
9pm ET
Yahoo and AOL IM: Navy Wife Radio

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One Response

  1. I haven’t read the book yet but, I am going to put it on my list to buy.
    And I just wanted to comment on the part of the conversation when you guys came to answering that ringing door bell or getting a phone call of an accident. Marie spoke of an accident that happend while her husband was on a boat, and she spoke of a recent acident that happened on a boat that my husband was on. And I just wanted to say that for us as submarine wives it IS very humbling and unnerving when you get the relaziation that our husbands do have a job that is dangerous 24/7 (in its own way).

    ON to a more uplifting topic, I am super excited about the event and I can’t wait to meet everyone and enjoy the event!

    Also a note about the show, I don’t think you guys should be any more serious than what you are now. If you were, then it wouldn’t be the same!

    Also Eric’s call in was fun to listen to.

    Thanks for a great show again!!

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