I’m Volunteering again!

Its been around 7 months since I’ve volunteered last, and I have really been itchin for something to do.  

When I was in Norfolk I attended a course for military spouses called COMPASS, its a 3 day class and its run by spouses for spouses (seasoned and new).  So when we moved down here I thought about volunteering to be a mentor for COMPASS but kind of put it off to the side for a while.  Well just recently I contacted my local COMPASS coordinator and volunteered to be a mentor.   I completed the mentor training and I am really excited to be working with the other spouses who have become mentors and especially the spouses who will be attending the course.

 A little info on COMPASS (from the COMPASS flyer):

If you were about to go on an extended journey to a foreign country, you would want to do research and learn as much as you could to make your trip enjoyable and successful.  You might need a passport, guidebook, and map to start off in the right direction.  Now, think about a spouse embarking on his or her journey as a nvy spouse for the first time.  To this spouse, the Navy seems like a foreign land with its’ own language, customs, traditions, health care system, inherent moves, and deployments.

COPASS is a sandardized Team-Mentoring program developed by spouses for spouses.  COMPASS focuses on spouses new to the Navy, however; all spouses are welcome.  COMPASS improves quality of life through education, enabling spouses to understand, experience and meet the challenges of the Navy lifestyle.  With this knowledge and realistic expectations, their journeys can be successful and rewarding.

COMPASS is a 12-hour program taught in three four-hour sessions.  With Mentors acting as discussion leaders, participants are encouraged to ask any questions they may have in a non-judgmental climate.  There is one Mentor Team at each location.  Session Teams come from the main Mentor Team and teach each COMPASS session.  Typically, Session Teams consist of four Mentors.

Participants are introduced to many aspects of the Navy.  The standardized curriculum includes need-to-know topics such as the Navy mission, history, organization, customs and traditions, rights and benefits (health, use of the commissary and exchange, Fleet and Family Support Centers), deployment, pay, moving, interpersonal communications, and investing in self and community.  Another important benefit of COMPASS is the opportunity for spouses to establish a peer network.  Because experienced spouses pass on their Navy lifestyle insights, the concept of “helping others to help themselves” is clearly observable and becomes an on-going action-oriented process.

COMPASS is one of the many innovative ideas coming to fruition at Naval Services FamilyLine.  For more information call 1-877-673-7773 or email the COMPASS Program Directior at nsfamline@aol.com

Currently the COMPASS locations are:


Kings Bay, GA

China Lake, CA

Pearl Harbor, HI


Groton, CT

San Diego, CA

Yokosuka, Japan


Washington, DC (Headquarters)


Mayport, FL

Millingston, TN

Whidbey Island, WA

Gulflport, MS

Sugar Grove, WV

If you would like the contact info for any of these locations, you can contact the Program Director by phone or email (above), or you can leave a comment and I’ll comment back with the contact info!


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