Football Seaon Again…

Well, the weather has been getting cooler here, not sure if it is doing the same everywhere else… but usually when cool weather hits, it means it’s time for football season to hit full swing!  I enjoy football, I won’t lie. I may not always know what is going on, but it is fun to watch and oh so funny to watch hubby try and be the coach from the couch. I sometimes wonder how he would react if I dumped a huge bucket if ice water on him if the team won. I don’t think that would go over well, but if he coached them through the game, he deserves it as much as the coach on the sidelines do! Anyways, I digress. I must say there comes a time when there is just too much football watching!!

            My husband enjoys watching college and professional football, which is great! He knows what teams are playing and when… he just has to hunt for all the right channels so he can flip back and forth between the games. Friday and Saturday are usually dedicated to the college teams and Sunday and Monday nights are always dedicated to the pros. Now, I love my husband and I like to watch a game or two… but not three or four games at the same time and then three or four games consecutively.  It seems as though college teams start early in the morning and are aired all day! Sunday and Monday isn’t too bad since the games don’t start until later in the day or in the evening so I can’t complain too much.

            However, there’s always the problem of the DUTY FREE WEEKEND!! We are currently very happy with four section duty days since we are used to three section duty days which may not seem like a huge difference, but there is! Recently it has come to my attention that it is almost impossible to steer a man from the television when there is a football game on and it is a death sentence when trying to snatch the remote to find something else to watch!! I said it before, I enjoy a football game or two… but not as much as my dear husband. I love him dearly but football season hasn’t been on for long and I’m afraid I’m already sick of watching a bunch of guys run a few yards, fall down, run a few yards, fall down and run and fall some more!

            My thoughts on football now are, give me the name and address of the person who created football and let me thank him personally… for driving me crazy! I can only hope that with a baby threatening to come any day now that the football frenzy will calm a little. Then again, I can picture dear hubby and baby lying on the couch watching a game with their eyes closed.



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  1. Katee – All I can say is when I got a second TV my life changed. I did try to hang out with hubby while he watched his shows, but a girl can only watch CSI, Law & Order and the SciFi channel for so long (15 min.) before she goes crazy. I even went so far as to go to Michaels and get crafty projects like cross-stitch and embroidery projects to keep myself occupied. It didn’t work.

    I just had to find something else to do while he watched his shows. Oh…I forgot to mention soccer games….(yawn). Good luck! 🙂

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