Could There Be Anything Else?

It has been a stressful week! I’ve got about two weeks to go until I burst with this baby belly and I have succumbed to pre-delivery jitters. Of course every mom-to-be gets nervous about bringing a child into the world and fret about whether they have everything they need and whether they’ll be a good mom or not. So of course, I’m feeling that too!

            Late last week when I checked the mail my heart sunk when I opened a bill addressed to me. In February when I was driving up to Small Town, USA (in the middle of a pretty nasty Nor’easter) I hit a terribly slick spot and the back of the car hit a pole. Now, seven months later, we receive a bill for $4,400 which is supposed to pay for the replacement of a two year old pole! No payment plans, no nothing… just pay upfront! So… let’s add a little more financial stress and stress in general to the situation of brining a child into the world!

            With the due date getting closer, we’ve also been trying to work things out with everyone who is planning on coming to visit. At first, the in-laws said that it was only going to be the two of them. Then it grew to three. Not a big deal since we have a comfortable couch for the third to sleep on. Now it has grown to four people which means we have to go and buy another air mattress, bed in a bag, and pillows! Hopefully our little man doesn’t come too late or my parents will be here as well which will mean another air mattress to the purchase of stuff! So, let’s take a tally; three of us plus two for my parents plus four for my husband’s family equals… A REALLY FULL HOUSE!!! We live in housing and are lucky to have a three bedroom townhouse but that doesn’t mean we have enough room for everyone! We’ll just take another step up in the stress level.

            As if that isn’t enough, I’m in the process of applying to the University of New Hampshire. I’m trying to start in the spring which wasn’t going to be an issue at first. My husband’s orders had been changed which meant I would qualify for in-state tuition! WOOHOO!!! So, since I found out that I needed a copy of his orders to go along with my application I’ve been checking Bupers on a daily basis… sometimes even two or three times a day! Yesterday evening my husband realized that he had a missed call and voicemail. Since we don’t get service in the majority of our home, we weren’t surprised… however when he said it was from his chief, we were a little concerned. Dear hubby went outside, in the pouring rain, and checked the voicemail.

My husband came back inside and had a look of, “this isn’t going to be good” on his face. He motioned for me to sit down on the bed and of course, I’m expecting that he’s in trouble or something bad has happened to someone that we are close to on the boat. Oh no, nothing like that… except that now our orders have been changed, AGAIN!! So now the reality of where are we going, when are we going, do we have to move and how many times looms overhead! Add another bar to the stress and anxiety that I’m feeling!

Since I’m a little on the frazzled side, I decided the best way to handle it would be to write it out! I haven’t gotten a lot of time to sit down and write so now that I’m folding laundry in between thoughts I figured this was the best time to put together a new blog! Please bear with me with the lack of blogs I submit in the next few weeks as we are preparing for the arrival of our baby!


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  1. Oh gosh, you are going to have a fun! I sent you an email about the orders issue.

    Hang in there!! 🙂

    Maybe you can tell them to fly with their aero-bed?!

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