Begun, It Has

I think Yoda said that first.

This week I have been down with a terrible cold. I mean in the bed terrible. I haven’t been that sick since I can’t remember when. Not fun. Im doing much better now….so happy about that!

Big K’s departure was early this past week…and not fun. It was very hard and we tried to make the most of every last moment together. Ive really had to compartmentalize his trip….only 3 days in Norfolk….a few weeks in SC…..then……etc.

That seems to be have helped.

So, whats different about mentally preparing for an underway vs. this type of deployment? Time and communication. Although he left and we talked via phone everyday, the time of 365+ days can be hard to comprehend so I try not to think about that part too much.

As of this writing, Big K has already been to Norfolk, where MedK happened to be at Oceana so they were able to meet up and even go to a movie. DH has friends over at the Sub Squadron there so he was able to get a ride from the airport and made the travel a bit easier. After an all day bus ride he arrived Sat. in Fort Jackson, SC and starts his training on Monday.

Before he left we ran into one of the guys in his office whose leaving for Afgh. in 3 weeks… I have his wives #. Im pretty excited about that.

I’m also weeding through the many of emails I received from my article in the NT. I’ll be answering each of them this week, so if you sent me one…..bear with me.

I’ve met a lot of women on this IA subject. A lot of brave, smart and resourceful women……isn’t the internet a great thing. I can’t imagine what it was like for my grandmother when my grandpa was in WWII. That thought keeps me going and gives me perspective.


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