I had a bad labor day!

Well first things first, right before we left on our trip to visit family my wedding ring broke.  This is the second time it has broken and this time it broke in the same place as the first time and I lost the same diamond.  L  I have yet to take it to the jeweler because I fear I might get mad while I’m there because I just paid to have it fixed.  

So the start of our weekend was a bit sour for me.  We packed up the kids and dropped the dog off at the vet; he got neutered over the weekend while being boarded at the vet.  And we headed down to visit family.  During the trip we tossed around the idea to get a radar detector, since my last ticket just dropped off our insurance and we are ticket free we wanted to keep it that way. 

The weekend went by and it was fun, no worries and a lot of outside time for the kids, and we did go and buy a radar detector.   We packed up to come home on Labor Day, and not even 2 hours into the trip I get pulled over for speeding.  Yes, the radar detector was on the dash, and No, it didn’t pick him up until he did a u-turn and was behind me. 

I know the procedure and had my ID, insurance, and registration ready for him when he got to the window.  So when he came to the window he said why he pulled me over and with out a word from me I handed him the papers.  When he came back from writing the ticket, he was nice enough to lower the speed I was going and told me I didn’t have to appear in court.  I thought this was the end of my bad luck.



We made it made it to our exit with out anything else going wrong, except we were just about out of diesel. Never fear there is a gas station at our exit.  We filled up the truck with no problems, and went on to complete the last 5 minutes of our trip.  We stopped at the mail box to pick up what ever was delivered on Friday and Saturday and then the truck started to idle really rough. 

We pulled it in to the drive way and sat there trying to figure out what was going on.  We decided to let it sit for a while and since we had to run some errands later anyways we would try to figure out the problem later.  Well we had no luck, our best guess was that the fuel filter was clogged because we ran the truck to empty, OR a fuel injector had gone bad.  No big deal, in the morning we would run it by the auto shop. 

The next morning came and …. The truck wouldn’t start!   Good thing we have my 1974 VW Thing in the carport, because it saved the day.  We took our 4 year old to pre k (my daughter rides into day care on the back of the bike in the early morning) and then we took hubby to work.  From there my 6 month old and I trek all the way across the county to pick up the dog from the vet. Just imagine a full grown English mastiff in the back of a VW thing with a baby in a car seat in the front seat, and me driving with 3 windows on the car and the convertible top up in GA morning humidity.  We made it to the vet and back home in one piece and not over heated!



Since the truck wouldn’t start we had to get it towed to a shop, but it can’t just go to any shop we had to have a diesel mechanic look at it.  This required a 45 minute tow down 95 into the next state. Luckily, we have AAA and the tow was free. 

Hubby, I and the baby loaded back in to the VW Thing to go to a car rental place.  We fully intended on getting a SUV so that we could have the room for the 3 car seats.  Well when we found out that the SUV was $200 more for a weekly rental than a Minnie Van.  We were crushed!   **Now, before I go on I want to say that there is nothing wrong with Minnie Vans or people that drive them. I just have my own personal reason why I never wanted to drive one. **  I have vowed to never have a Minnie Van in my drive way, but guess what we drove off the rental lot…. A MINNIE VAN.  L  (All in all its actually really nice, with power sliding doors and a power trunk hatch, cruise control, nice radio and climate control, not to mention all the space. …  but I want my truck back.)



We get back home, and wait, and wait, and wait.  We waited until the next day (I know not a very long wait, but for me and the Minnie Van in my drive way it was dreadful) to receive word on what was wrong with our truck. 

Much to our horror we found out that our truck, had water in the fuel tank, fuel lines, and all through out the motor (where ever fuel goes).  Apparently the gas station that we filled up at gave us 34 gallons of diesel and water!  The nice diesel mechanics told us that it would be at least $850 to drain the tank, lines and motor of the water and to put it all back together to see if it would run on a new tank of fresh, plain, no water added diesel. They also let us know that we should probably contact the gas station so that they could pay for our damages, rental, and what ever else. 

As soon as we got off the phone with the mechanic we called the gas station, and were given the number to the owner.  From there the owner said that he would have to check with his distributor, and informed us that we were the only ones that have said that there is a problem with his fuel.   We realized shortly after that he didn’t take any of our information down so I called back… twice .. and only got voicemail.   I left a long message telling him my name and number and asked him to return my call so that we could discuss how he was going to pay for the repairs to our truck, the cost of our  rental vehicle, and a refund of the cost of the bad fuel.  We have still not heard back from him. 

Today I spent all day on the phone with various state government offices, with the gas station employees that apparently know nothing about the company they work for, and with my insurance company.  By the end of the business day I have settled (for now) with (1) Faxing the gas station our current estimate for the repairs, our credit receipts, and a notification of the current running total for our rental and (2) Letting the insurance company take over and check out the truck, contact the gas station, and take over the rental contract.  (Its covered under comprehensive insurance, and we have to pay a deductible if the gas station insurance company decides that it isn’t their fault). 

It is now up to the gas station to either pay me out right, or deal with insurance companies. 

So… My wedding ring is still broken, I still have a speeding ticket to pay, the truck is still in the shop, the owner of the gas station still hasn’t returned my calls, every state government office in GA knows that I got a bad tank of fuel…..   AND I STILL HAVE A MINNIE VAN IN MY DRIVE WAY!  

 I hope that this weekend will be better, Thanks for reading my vent!


4 Responses

  1. OK, so I wanted to add that it didn’t stop there…. today I had to take our dog back to the vet for some complications. And I just got off the phone with my dryer’s warranty company because my 8 month old dryer just decided to go on the fritz! And of course I still have no word on my truck, the gas station, the insurance company or any of that.
    I’m going to warn everyone to STAY AWAY FROM ME, I don’t want to pass this plague on.

  2. … Oh and did I mention the TV that hasn’t worked since the bad storms that hit our area over labor day?

  3. Oh gosh! First let me say I share your thoughts on the “Minnie” van theory. I also love AAA, God Bless that company.

    I think its TERRIBLE that gas station sold you diesel fuel w/ water!!

    Here’s to a better week!!

  4. OK well I figured it would just be easier to put an update here, instead of making a new post…

    Monday we were able to pick up our truck and return the minnie van, YAY! But We had to pay for the full amount of the truck while we wait for an Insurance check to come in the mail. Unfortunatly we only get $395 from insurance, for now because we had to pay our deductible. The total for the repairs was $930

    When we returned The Minnie Van, Insurance only paid for $30 a day so we had to pay more than half which was about $270, insurance only paid about $240.

    After we did that we took all of our recepits and I wrote a letter to the Traval Plaza telling them that we needed a refund of the remainder of the fees. (what my insurance didn’t cover) They said that their insurance company would be contacting me in a few days…. still haven’t heard from them. On Monday I’m calling them back.

    But thats not the end of our bad streak.
    2 days ago we decided to go and get a deep freezer. Well we shoped around and found the freezer we wanted and set up deliver for the next day, then headed to the front to pay for the freezer and other things we picked up.
    When it came time to pay, their computer went on the fritz.. after hubby swiped the card. So the cashier decided to do the whole transaction over again, and ran into more problems. Finnally they got everything to go through and we headed home. At home I asked hubby to check the account to make sure we didn’t get charged twice… and guess what.. We were charged twice.

    All in all I kind of expected it, with the way everything has been going, so we just decided to go in the following day to get it corrected.

    Well the next morning came and the delivery truck pulled up.. .And one guy got out of the truck. Now, we live in the second story of a converted 4 apartment building. Our house is made up of the upper two apartments. The reason why we paid for delivery is because hubby didn’t want to haul the freezer up the stairs.
    It just so happened that hubby was at home when the delivery came, because he was getting showered and changed from PT clothes to his uniform.
    You could see the look of controlled anger on his face when we were faced with the fact that he was going to have to haul our new freezer up the stairs (with the delivery guy) after all.
    There were no problems of getting it in the house and ‘installed’- or as we call it plugged in.

    So later that day we went to lowes, and got a refund of the delivery charge. Then we were told that since the 2 cahrges (for the full amount around $660) were pending, that we would have to wait and see if both went through. And then we’d have to wait untill the 14th if the both went through to fix the problem, because the lady who fixes these problems is on vacation….

    I have yet to check our account.

    well thats an update, one day it will all be ok. LOL

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