Visitors After Baby’s Arrival

            Well, only about three more weeks until the blessed event of our little man coming into this world. Both hubby and I are very nervous and also very excited! I’m just excited to get to sleep on my back again. Hahahaha! So, with d-day growing ever closer, we are battling with the visitor issue.

            Both of our parents will be out, not sure if the visits will overlap or not. I’m really hoping that they don’t because eight people staying in my house will probably send me over the brink of insanity. There are some friends of ours who will be dropping by, not staying of course, which will be nice as well… but again, where do you draw the line?

            Being that I’m a first time mother I worry about germs and people holding the baby too much and he becoming dependant on always being held. Luckily I’ll be the only one able to feed him so I’m not worried about our little guy getting too little or too much to eat. If either case presents itself, I have to fix it. I worry about others changing his diaper and doing it wrong. I know you’ll all say that our parents have done all this before… but hey, it’s my baby and I don’t want anything to happen to him.

            So… when do you draw the line on visitors and how do you deal with the ones that are staying with you? I don’t want to be rude or too nice but I want hubby and I to have the chance to bond as a new family before hubby has to go back out to sea. With so much company, that will be difficult to say the least. So, how does one politely say… I NEED SPACE?! I don’t want to come off as hormonal (which I know I will be) or come off as rude if I retire to the bedroom but eight people in a three bedroom house after having a baby is going to be overwhelming! Any mom’s or dad’s who have been in this situation… please send your advice my way!


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  1. I would hope they would understand. I had a c-section and did not want any company….however people from work popped in to say hi…and were gracious enough to not visit too long. My mom came, but only for about a week….so that wasn’t too bad.

    The best thing I can say is to write your parents a note with your wishes if you feel like you can’t speak to them without hurting their feelings and think you might change your mind. I think drawing the line as we get older gets easier. I was almost 30 when I had my son, so it was easier I think for me to say “no” when needed.

    Don’t be shy about your feelings. I think if you relay them in a caring, calm way your parents will understand. If they don’t, well….then….book them a room at the TVQ. 🙂

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