The Night before…

It’s the night before the “last night”. I know its coming, but that doesn’t make it any easier. I know there are mil-wives out there whose husbands deploy and leave straight from work without a goodbye. I have heard stories about going out to sea for a 3 day run only to return 3 months later….which has happened to my DH, but before I met him.

Here are some questions I’ve pondered lately: Do I spend every waking moment with him in the days before he leaves? Do I take off work? (Which for me, I work from home so to close the door to the office can be difficult.) Do I make sure my son has “one on one” time? Am I secretly avoiding the commissary so I don’t have to shop for one less?

Today, it worked out that he and LilK went to the golf course while I went to the mall. I didn’t need anything and I didn’t feel like shopping, but there I was wandering around trying to find a good sale at Pottery Barn and Bombay Co. The distraction helped, however I came home empty handed.

On the last night we plan on going out to dinner at the husbands favorite restaurant. Normally, we would cook and stay in, but a 50% off coupon from Texas de Brazil he just can’t resist.

It’s almost time. He is packed. Last minute trip to the cigar store – check, travel size shampoo and toothpaste – check, new paperback book for the plane ride – check…..

The choices we make…..this one has been a tough one.

Do you have any deployment rituals? How do you handle the day or two before “he leaves”?


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