I’m ready!

I have come to a turning point in my life.  It has nothing to do with school, or work, or my kids being out of the house (daycare and PreK J ); Its about my body and something that I’ve dealt with for years…  (Men if your reading, cover your eyes) I’m talking about a breast reduction.  oh no… did the world stop spinning for a second, I know my husband’s world does every time I even think about it.


But to be honest, I’ve been dealing with this problem since I was in middle school.  And I think that I have come to the conclusion that I just don’t want to deal with it anymore. 


Everyone has heard of the sore lower back and such, but it really goes way past that for me.  When I am standing or sitting my shoulders naturally roll forward, I try to keep my back straight and shoulders back but after 5 minutes I am in a lot of pain.  The muscles between each scapula on my back are just about rock solid and the same goes for my shoulders.  In the area where my bra clasps I have the feeling of pulling and straining; and day after day my pectoral muscles just below my collar bone ache. Last but not least, If I lay on my stomach my arms and the front of my shoulders go numb.


I go back and forth between bras that dig into my shoulders to bras that dig into my rib cage, just to get a break. And I’ve seriously considered banning bras from my home because of my distaste for them. LoL OK, so that won’t really happen, but don’t think I go a day with out thinking about it.


So I’ve taken my first step, I’ve made an appointment to see my PCM on base in a week or two about my back pain. I am going to ask what needs to be done to go about getting seen and evaluated for this procedure.  I’m very excited and scared all at once.  And I’m really hoping I won’t have to fight to be approved for the procedure. 

  Wish me luck and I’ll keep you guys up to date on how it goes. If anyone has any similar experiences or advice please share!


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  1. Everyone that I have known to have this done are always wishing that they had done it sooner!! Most of their doctors also gave them a “lift” which made them look years younger! I hope it works out and that you feel better! Your husband will be happier when it’s over and sees that they are “still there” ! lol 😉 It’s just scarey to them.

  2. Yay, I’m glad to hear that others have been happy with the results! Your right I think it is just scary to hubby. lol

  3. My aunt has been threatening to do this for years. I wish she would, I know it would make her life easier. I have never known anyone to have it done, but hey I say do what is right for you! I did a website for a plastic surgeon once….and gosh…after doing all the research I could give a seminar on breast augmentation and reduction! He handed me a business card and said, ok….go make me a great website. wow!

    Oh…and your hubby will adapt and learn to love the new ones. 🙂

  4. Get it done!! I had it done back in 2001 after a long discussion with my PCM about chronic migraines and neck pain! I didn’t have back pan…but severe neck pain! I started out in a B cup and rose to a DD on 1 side and a DD on the other. I was referred to a civilian plastic surgeon as our base in WA State didn’t have a plastic surgeon. Tricare paid for everything. I asked for a full B small C. I think he went on the smaller side. The only thing that I would advise is ask for a little bigger than you want if you think you will lose any weight! He tok mine to a regular, maybe even small B and when I lost weight after the reduction, I was barely a full A cup. My husband of course FREAKED as he always LOVED my breasts! He says I robbed him of his very favorite possesion..lol. I now have resorted to very padded push up bras from Victoria’s Secret. My fav bra makes me almost a D…I love the look without the pain! My hubby says it’s false advertisement though. You will be very happy though. Just make sure you and the doc are on the same page as for size. Have him show you his idea of a B or C, ect…I actually went on to have a tummy tuck thorugh the navy as well. After the reduction and my rising self esteem, I went on to lose alot of weight! It left alot of loose skin that was extremely unsightly and the base we were stationed at next had a plastic surgeon that said he could write it up as a health risk. I said whateverm lets do it. Between the 2, life has never been better! Have fun! If you have any questions about the procedure before and after, please feel free to ask. i remember it like yesterday!

  5. WOW, I’m very happy to hear that you were approved and had a great experiance and everything. I just posted that I got my consult with the plastic surgeon. I don’t think I am going to go that small, I am very large. As the doctor put it there are women with large breast and there are women with huge breast and I’m on the huge side. So I just hope to be able to get down between a C and D.
    I too plan on loosing weight once I have this procedure done. As it is right now, I have a very difficult time exercising and i haven’t been able to loose much weight. I hope that my skin will still have its elacticity after 3 babies, but if not I think that if i did loose the weight I will think about a tummy tuck.

    Thank you for posting!! It helps to hear that others have gone through this procedure.

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