Sea Legs for the Navy Family

… A handbook to Navy Life and Services. Here is another one of those free books from FamilyLine that I was talking about a few posts ago. This book is GREAT for the new Navy spouse or even for a seasoned spouse.

This book covers Pay, Benefits, and Opportunities, Deployment, Support services, Naval Acronyms and much more! The first edition of Sea Legs was written in 1966 and it was written for the spouses of active-duty; now Sea Legs contains information and tips that can also help sailors, parents, fiancées and many others.

I enjoy this book because it goes into depth about the simple things that many of us don’t think about. For example: “ID Cards One of the most important things a military family must do is sign up for a Uniformed Services identification and Privilege card (ID card). An ID card allows you access to the base, commissary, exchange, military hospitals and clinics, and almost all the general areas on naval installations. Note that your ID card has an expiration date and should be renewed a couple of days early.” It goes on to list who qualifies and steps on how to get your ID card.

In the Deployment Section it has info about Auto maintenance, house hold maintenance, important papers, and more; but my favorite section is a section about Addressing Mail. First it tells you what the address of your sailor onboard a boat/ship should look like, then it goes on to talk about how the fleet post offices work: “All mail goes from its place of origin to one of the four fleet post offices in Miami, New York, San Francisco, or Seattle…. Once the mail leaves the fleet post office, it’s sent by air to the ship or squadron. It usually takes about 10 days.” (It doesn’t say this but I just wanted to clarify; Mail going to a submarine will take much longer if it is out to sea and usually that sub will only receive the mail once it has pulled into a port.)

This book contains so much useful information I think that everyone should take a look at it. If you don’t feel like ordering it (even though it’s free to do so), you can drop by your local FFSC and see if they have a copy for you. Just ask if they have a copy of Sea legs that you can have, and they should know what you’re talking about. If you want to order it check out this link:¤t_id=


2 Responses

  1. How do i get a copy of Sea Legs Book?

  2. You can either drop by your Local Fleet and Family Support Center and ask if they have one.
    And i just noticed that the link above is not working, sorry. Here is the correct link,
    and once you are there you can click on their ‘Get our Publications’ link to order (for free) this book and all their other publications!

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