Social Customs and Traditions of the Sea Services

I would like to do an overview of some very specific Navy books that may be of help to some of our wives.  And the best part is that you can get these books for free!  I’ll provide the link at the end of each of my overviews. 

The first book that I’m going to tell you about is called Social Customs and Traditions of the Sea Services , this book and the others are produced by Naval Services FamilyLine .


This book covers everything from the History of Sea Service Traditions, to Etiquette, to how to address every rank in different situations. Below you will find a few things that they cover in this book, see if you can figure out the answer before reading on. 


Do you know the names of the service songs for each service?

Do you know what a Wetting Down Party is?

What does the term ‘Regrets only’ means?

What is COMPASS?


Service songs:

Navy – Anchors Aweigh

Marine Corps – Marines’ Hymn

Army – The Army Goes Rolling Along

Air Force – The US Air Force

Coast Guard – Semper Paratus


Wetting-Down Parties:

This is a party an individual gives when he/she receives a promotion or advancement.


‘Regrets Only’

Occasionally, you may receive an invitation that reads “Regrets Only”.  Respond immediately if you are unable to attend.  The hostess will expect everyone who has not responded to attend and will plan accordingly



COMPASS is a 12 hour, spouse-to-spouse mentoring program for all Navy Spouses.  COMPASS improves quality of life by educating Navy Spouses.  This education enables them to fully understand, experience, and successfully meet the challenges of the Navy lifestyle…


If you would like to find out more about the Navy and its customs and traditions, check out this book!  You can order it and other books for free at the FamilyLine website:¤t_id=

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