The Bachelor: An Officer, A Gentleman and still single…?

I was flipping through news channels a few days ago and was shocked to hear that Officer Andy Baldwin, who was recently the stud on ABC’s The Bachelor, and his sweetheart Tessa have chosen to shall we say… take a break. The report stated that the two lovebirds have called off the engagement but plan to stay close in hopes to continue with their plans at a later date. The report then went on to state that (if I remember this correctly) 1 out of the 11 seasons of The Bachelor have ended in marriage. Poor Andy and Tessa!

As I followed The Bachelor and then caught Wendy and Marie’s recap of the show, I think we were all thinking that Tessa was most prepared or capable of becoming a military spouse. I must admit, I was rooting for Bevin for a while but thought her emotions might get in the way of being a milspouse. Now I wonder if Andy is having second thoughts about choosing Tessa and if he wonders what it would be like to be with Bevin instead. It will be interesting to see what unfolds of Andy and Tessa’s relationship!


2 Responses

  1. That was also my first thought…uh oh…maybe he still fancies Bevin.

  2. I think being caught in 40 days of fantasy,neither thought of the military.
    I felt neither woman was suited for a self-sacrificing wife.However, Danielle seemed to fit the bill but –no sparks. Hey, she would be more loyal to his deployments and be his cheerleader and mother to his children He wanted someone who could challenge him and that won’t work when a navy guy is in charge. Tessa was too independent
    and Bevin needy. Gee, for a guy who is extremely emotional, I bet he cried buckets at the “unengagement”. His personality requires achievment and attention. I wish him luck in finding a wife. He may never have a long successful marriage like his parents.

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