Shopping for Orders

I recently have had two questions regarding shopping for orders.

Q: When should my husband start negotiating for orders?

A: According to the husband, he recommends 1 year out your husband should start contacting his detailer and checking on his options.


One Response

  1. Hubby and I started looking at our options for orders at about 15 months out. We were just too excited to leave Norfolk…. Ok the real reason was because hubby was going to be deployed when it came time to transfer and the boat wanted to extend him and such so we had to start talking to the detailor a bit early. But deep down inside we both were very ready to get out of Norfolk. LOL But it wasn’t until 12 months out that we could actually start being able to negotiate which billet we would get.
    I’m the type of person that loves to collect information so, the further out before we leave the better for me.

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