Date Night

Our baby countdown is growing smaller and smaller, so before we know it we’ll be blessed with our first child. Things have been stressful. I’m the type who likes to plan everything ahead of time, control finances and know how things are going to turn out. Of course, that’s just about impossible with a baby on the way, especially for a first time mom.


As I said, things have been stressful in our household. I just had a birthday last week and it came and went with little to no recognition from my husband. I expected a card but I got a little message on our little white board that is on the refrigerator. I figured that I might actually get something since I am pregnant and since it was a birthday worth celebrating. I got nothing. Needless to say, I was a little frustrated and hurt.


Finally the lead balloons hit the fan and I finally voiced my frustration about EVERYTHING! Between feeling as though I have to do everything and just wanting some help to being hormonal to being upset about my birthday… I let loose like medusa’s hair and went wild. I felt like our marriage was in shambles so I suggested a date night to reconnect since before too long it won’t be just the two of us anymore.


I planned the evening from directions to timing and we set out. The drive, about 45 minutes, was pleasant. Conversation was good and we even had some laughs. It made for a good start to what I was hoping would be a fabulous evening. We had dinner and decided that we should walk around the local mall in order to make room for my request of Cold Stone ice cream.


We had never been to this mall so we wandered around and stumbled across a jewelry store. I’m usually the one to tease about going and looking at all the sparkly things I could take home but this time it was my husband who insisted we browse the selection. A couple of Christmases ago my husband got me a princess cut, three stone diamond necklace and ever since I have had my eye on the earrings to match. I saw the ones that would match and hinted that I’d really like a pair sometime. My husband wasn’t interested and instead started looking at rings.


I followed suit where we stopped at the three stone diamond rings. A sales associate started asking what cut I liked and what we were looking for. I was under the impression that we were just looking, but my husband spoke up and said princess cut. It’s hard to just stop and look and not try on any rings without wanting to dash out of the store once you have it on your hand, so I was hesitant to try on the suggestions. I tried on several and finally my husband told me to go look at earrings again. While I wandered to the earrings, he made the purchase!

I was itching to know what ring he had picked out but he wouldn’t let me see it until we left the mall. We stopped in several stores before heading to the car, where I finally got the ring. Now my husband isn’t too good with words unless he is writing them so to my surprise he had a whole speech prepared as he gave me the ring. It was by far the best birthday and “thanks for going through pregnancy” gift I had ever received!


We left and got our ice cream which I ate slowly because I couldn’t stop looking at the sparkling diamonds that graced my hand (my wedding band set was nothing close to what this ring was). We left and watched the stars as we drove along a fairly deserted highway. What I feared would be a tense date night turned out to be a fabulous night!

2 Responses

  1. Katee–
    That is so sweet! Just when we think they can’t do anything right they go and do something amazing all on their own! I am SO happy for you! Enjoy your ring! It sounds fabulous!

    ….and Happy late Birthday!!


  2. You will find that the first time you lay eyes on your newborn, and hold him/her in your arms will be nothing, (and I mean NOTHING), as emotionally satisfying as your date night.

    Seeing that little one and holding them will be the real “thanks for going through pregnancy” gift.

    We had our only child late in life, (I was 48 and my wife was 40; daughter is now 13 and starting High School). Every day is a blessing beyond words.

    Our best to you.


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