A Girls Night Out

A friend of mine, a few of her friends and I all went out for her birthday Saturday night. I had a lot of fun but felt a bit odd about going out.

Since we’ve moved here and since I started school, hubby and I haven’t really done much that didn’t involve the kids. I keep encouraging him to go hang out with co-workers or find something he likes to do, because I know his life shouldn’t consist of all work and no play…. Neither should mine, but I kind of consider my school as something I like to do. But when it comes to me going out with friends I feel bad for leaving hubby home with the kids, since we already don’t see each other that much as it is and since he is with the kids 5 nights a week already. I’m not sure what to do about that, I guess it will all work out in the end. He is very sweet about it and encourages me to go out and have fun, I guess it would just make me feel better if he would go hang out with friends from time to time (I know I’m weird right? Most wives want their husband’s home all the time. LOL).

So anyways, my friend came and picked me up on Saturday at 3pm and we went down to Jacksonville to meet up with her friends. We went and did a bit of shopping, went out to eat, and then went to a movie. I’m not a big shopper but I found a pretty cool pair of glasses on sale, so that’s what I got. I kind of knew that if I were to buy anything else then hubby would ask me why I didn’t get him anything…. Which he did anyways, the next morning.

At dinner we went to a great Japanese Steak House, Yummy! We had a few drinks there while waiting for our seats, apparently a call ahead doesn’t really do much for you on the waiting list even though it was not busy when we got there. But once we got back to the table we enjoyed good conversation and laughter while eating sushi and having our food cooked right in front of us.

From there we walked down to the theater (because we were all stuffed and it wasn’t that much of a walk anyways) and got tickets to the movie Stardust.

This just happened to be the first movie that I have seen in a theater in about a year; which is really funny because I grew up going to the movie theater every few days and seeing all the new releases that came out, sometimes seeing multiple movies in one day at the theater.

So we got into the theater once we bought our tickets and right in front of us was The Simpson’s Display, the whole family sitting on a couch with space enough on the end for a photo opportunity! We couldn’t pass this up, so we all took photos (you will see mine below). Then we went and found our seats, I got my movie snacks, and we watched the movie. And I’ve got to say it wasn’t a bad choice at all, it was …. Interesting!

After the movie we dropped the two off that lived down in Jax and then we made the drive back up heading home. The night was great and I really enjoyed my self, I was happy to be able to get out and actually hang out even if I still feel a bit weird about doing so.

I wonder if I’m the only one that feels odd about going out with friends, any suggestions, comments, or advice.


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