Krista Wells, PhD. – The Military Spouse Coach

August 14th –

Krista Wells, Phd - The Military Spouse CoachTonight on Navy Wife Radio we welcome Krista Wells, PhD., , The Military Spouse Coach®.Our focus will be “Career Transitions”.

You won’t want to miss her insight and advice on how to transition into a new career, help us determine where to start and how to get motivated to do something we love!

Join us LIVE at 9pmET!

We welcome your phone calls. Our call in # is 646-652-4629.

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August 14th – Tuesday
9pm ET
Yahoo and AOL IM: Navy Wife Radio

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Navy Wife Radio - LIVE Tues 9pm ET


One Response

  1. I enjoyed the show! I cleaned my house this morning and listened to it. It was interesting when you all were talking about people not knowing what they want to do for a job or career.

    I’ve been there, actually just recently I went to the FFSC and sat down with one of the ladies there to go over how to do a resume and such and she asked me first, what do I want to do. And all I could tell her was ‘I don’t know’.

    Obviously I want to do Massage Therapy because thats what I am going to school for, but there really is very little I can do in that feild with out needing a license. SO while I work towards getting my license, I really wanted to get back into the work force doing something.. but I had no clue what I would like to do; And with my past job history (2 pages and only 2 lines for each job in size 12 font… I know its alot) I bounced around alot; not to mention the last time I held a paying job was in 2004….

    So maybe I need a life coach/military spouse coach.. LOL

    I’m very interested in her free seminar online… how do we sign up for that?

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