Just Go Already

There had been some problems the night before with the USS Breaks-A-Lot but we were hoping for everything to be in working order. I dropped my husband off and we said our tearful goodbyes. I always hated crying in front of all the other guys, especially since the underway was only going to be a little over two months. I watched him walk down the pier with other guys and I drove away.


The boat was scheduled to leave early in the afternoon so by the time their departure time had come and gone, I’d figured that they were out sailing the wild blue yonder. I got home and started cleaning. I figured it would keep me occupied for a little while. My phone rang a little after 6pm and I figured it was my mom making sure I handled this send off okay. I opened my phone and to my surprise… it was my hubby! The boat didn’t leave after all! He had duty he wasn’t coming home but I figured it was yet another day I got to talk to him. He told me he’d call me before they left to say goodbye the next day and let me know when I could expect the call.


I had to work the next day so I figured it would keep my mind off of the boat leaving again. I asked for the later shift so I could close the store. It was dead around that time anyways and the other sales associates that I worked with always had time to sit around and talk. I had to be to work around three… it was about the time the boat was supposed to leave. I didn’t get a call but figured that he must have been busy and wasn’t able to call. I closed out for the night and grabbed my stuff to see I had three text messages. The first one… “Hi babe, we didn’t leave today, I’m catching a ride with one of the guys. See you when you get home.” Not again… were the only two words that came to mind. I got home and hubby and I talked about what had gone wrong today and whether or not they’d be leaving tomorrow, my birthday. Of course they were supposed to leave, why would my husband be around for my birthday?


Since I figured the boat would have already been gone by now, I planned on working a full day. We said our goodbyes, yet again, knowing that today would be the day they left. I was scheduled to work until 6pm and wouldn’t you know it I got a call at 4:45pm from a pleading husband who needed a ride home. Something else had broken and they’d be leaving the next day. I pick the poor guy up and we actually get to celebrate my birthday with Cold Stone ice cream… yummy!


That night while we were lying in bed I couldn’t help but sob uncontrollably. I realized that preparing yourself mentally and emotionally for your significant other was emotionally draining. I had prepared myself to be alone and get into the independent mode only to adjust and readjust several times. By the time I could calm down enough to form words, the only thing I could say was that I wish he’d just go already. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and hate when he’s away, but going through goodbye after goodbye after goodbye is so much more difficult than him just leaving.


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  1. Oh how I miss those days with the ‘USS Pier Trophy’ they would be leaving and then it would be one more day or one more week or what not.
    That is why I just decided that it was easier for me to go down and sit a the pier and watch the boat leave (FA). It became my way of saying good bye.
    Of course I didn’t work, so the kids and I had no problem sitting there waiting to see them pull away, and if we had the time to do so we would drive to the bridge tunnel to make sure that they make it past that point. LOL

    It can make you an emotional wreck, but over time you will find a way that works best for you to overcome the obsticles that submarine life will throw at you. 😉

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