Hey, Shipwreck! 14th Episode

Just released!


3 Responses

  1. LOL! Loved it! My favorite part is when the Nuke is on the missle hatch and says, ” for the love of Rickover, OPEN THE HATCH!!!” LOL!! For those who don’t understand this humor, he is “mocking” nukes. Rickover was the founder of Naval nuclear power. AKA: The reason we have “nukes”. Every nuke knows who Rickover is. He’s their “Big Papa”.

    Only Pat would come up with something this funny! Great job Pat!! IT was too funny.

  2. Ok, the large TLD is my next favorite thing. 😉

  3. I love the ending, when they are just chatting not paying attention on watch and the ‘enemy’ is coming up behind them. That is clasic.
    Being a former fast attack wife I was able to take dinner up to hubby in the middle of the night; while walking down the pier observing those who stood watch I noticed (by memory) a stunning similiarty to what was going on in the 14th episode. *How ever in real life they probably would have responded quicker (by exercising deadly force or what ever means nessasary) than the two petty officers in the episode.* LOL

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